About Focused on Nature

The Sustainable Option

My online store was born from the desire to live in a more balanced world, and the belief that as a community we can achieve this through sustainable practices and products. For over a decade now I have been following this desire and step by step have evolved my everyday practices towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and i'm still evolving to this day. Join our community of sustainable shoppers, browse our products and start making steps towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


My mission

Eco Warrior


My aspiration is to promote small changes that will make big differences in our world. Becoming more environmentally friendly does not have to require a radical transformation of your life. Let me show you some simple products and easy tips and tricks that will make your everyday more sustainable.

Having worked in and around the hospitality industry and also graduating university with a degree in Environmental Science, I have seen first-hand the level of waste we humans can produce daily and studied the shocking effects this has on our environment. In every past and present workplace I have worked alongside my employers to make their businesses more sustainable whilst maintaining their business operations unaltered. This mantra of sustainable operation has also become a part of my own business here.

The products you will find on my website have either been locally made, locally sourced or sent to me strictly through sustainable means only. All orders will be sent to you in plant based packaging held together with environmentally friendly resin, this means that all of it can be recycled or even placed in your garden as compost. Even the bubble wrap alternative stuffing that will keep your products safe is fully recyclable and all invoices and correspondence will be provided in digital form to minimise the amount of paper used. This eliminates all unnecessary waste so your first step to becoming more sustainable begins before you've even taken your product out of the postal package.